John - My Summer Mentorship Journey

Hello and welcome to my 5th blog post! My name is John Lee and in today, I'll be sharing my summer mentorship experiences with you.

John - Narrowing Down to One Problem

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  Today I’ll be talking about how I am focusing on one problem. Below is a video explaining the process of how I narrowed down to one issue.

Sarah - Improving Lives with Spark Care+

Welcome back to my blog! I have had an incredible journey developing my device, Spark Care+ with the mentorship of Dr.

Moitri - Progress Through Mentorship

Hi there, fellow STEMists!   I hope you all are doing well. I cannot believe that the final event is so close! This journey alongside my mentor has been an amazing experience.

Sarah - Research to Innovation

Welcome back to my blog!  In this video, I will be sharing how research laid the foundation for my innovation, Spark Care+.

Sarah- Pathway to the Solution

Welcome back to my blog!  In this vlog, I will be sharing my experiences during the summer mentorship and on choosing one problem and solution to focus on.  Working with my 3M mentor, Dr