Student Activities

Enter a world of cool science through brain boggling experiments!
These activities are designed to capture your curiosity and engage you in the scientific thinking process; while having fun! They are based on classic scientific discoveries; some dating back over 200 years. Scientists have used these activities to engage audiences around the world. They might not overwhelm you, but we predict you just might be whelmed!
Two electrically charged balloons
Use balloons to make an electroscope and witness the effect of static charges before your very eyes!
two balloon rocket
Build a multistage rocket from two balloons.
electrically charged pencil on chair
Do you have the magic touch? Watch as your finger mysteriously moves a pencil without touching it.
glass floating in oil and water solution
Glass objects seem to disappear when placed in cooking oil.
light being refracted through green gelatin
Strips of gelatin dessert and a laser pointer demonstrate total internal reflection.
skillet placed faced down
A metal pie pan demonstrates the acceleration of gravity.
salt sticks
Salt crystals demonstrate how forces can be directed in mechanical systems.
pencils stuck in a sandwich bag full of water
Sharp Pencils and water-filled sandwich bags demonstrate the nature of certain polymers.
wrench crushing mint candy
Detectable flashes of light are released as wintergreen-flavored candies are crushed in darkness.
two water jugs being emptied
First one to empty the jug wins! And it's not as easy as it sounds...