Apple’s Siri feature allows people to send texts, search the web, and do other smartphone tasks just by using their voices.

This feature starts a trend of other voice-controlled devices.

Inspired by the iridescent blue-green wings of the Blue Morpho butterfly, 3M scientists create the 3M™ Dichroic Film for Laminated Glass.

The color-shifting effect of this film, that is sandwiched between glass layers, creates an eye-catching look to windows and architectural glass. The color of the glass appears to change as the viewer moves and looks at it in different light conditions.

Using only 13 watts of power, the 3M™ LED Advanced Light is a next-generation LED light bulb.

It emits light in a broad spectrum to help colors look vibrant and bright. When used for three hours per day, the bulb will last up to 25 years.