Dr. Joe Oxman

#M Corporate Scientist
Oral Care Division
Currently a corporate scientist with 3M's Oral Care Division, Dr. Oxman has worked at 3M for 34 years and has 99 issued patents.

Meet Dr. Oxman. Dr. Joe Oxman is serious about enhancing smiles around the world. He has revolutionized the dental industry through his science by helping to create light-activated tooth-colored restorative filling materials to replace conventional metal fillings. Currently a corporate scientist with 3M's Oral Care Division Dr. Oxman has worked at 3M for 34 years, and his expertise spans photocurable systems, nanotechnology, glass ionomer materials and hard tissue adhesives. Dr. Oxman has 99 issued patents, 100 publications and has been an invited international lecturer and teacher for more than 300 keynotes, presentations and classes. The strength of his science is clear.

Thanks to his outstanding work, Joe has received several prestigious awards including the American Chemical Society Collaborative Research Award, the University of Colorado College of Engineering & Applied Science Corporate Advocate Award, the Peyton Skinner Award for Innovation in Dental Materials, 2016 ACS Industrial Polymer Science Award and in 2017 he was inducted as an ACS Polymer Fellow. He was also inducted into the 3M Carlton Society, which honors outstanding technical employees at 3M. Joe is the co-founder of an NSF Collaborative Research Center and serves as the 3M industrial director for the Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics.

Joe is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the next generation of great scientists: in addition to teaching several classes on innovation in the dental industry, he has been involved in the 3M Summer Teacher's program and mentored students of all ages who have an interest in science.