Dr. Ross Behling

3M Senior Research Specialist
Corporate Research Material Laboratory

As a chemical engineer with 10+ years of experience in 3M corporate research labs, Dr. Ross Behling has invented numerous pressure-sensitive adhesive products in handheld electronics, industrial assembly, and automotive bonding applications.

Meet Dr. Behling. As a senior research specialist in the Corporate Research Material Laboratory, Dr. Behling has dedicated his career to polymerizing, characterizing, and commercializing novel pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). Dr. Behling is a well-regarded subject matter expert in rheology who is often called upon to consult on projects across the company. Ross has worked with numerous divisions across 3M to develop new-to-the-world products from optically clear adhesives to robotically applied appliance assembly adhesives to thermal management adhesives for battery bonding. Through this work, he holds many patents under his name.

Ross believes in the power of education to improve lives which he also puts into practice through his volunteer work. He has participated in the 3M TECH (Teams Encouraging Career Horizons) program to encourage high school students to pursue STEM careers. He also co-chaired the PSA Symposium (a part of the 3M Tech Forum) for three years and served on the steering committee for seven years, and currently sits on the board of his daughter's school.

Ross holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Iowa State University and a B.S. in chemical engineering from Northwestern University.