Jeffrey Emslander

3M Corporate Scientist
Corporate Research Process Laboratory

From graphic films for vehicles and reflective materials on traffic signs to more energy-efficient construction materials, Jeffrey Emslander is helping create a greener planet.

Meet Jeffrey Emslander. As a staff scientist in the 3M Corporate Research Process Laboratory, Emslander develops processes to reimagine what we can do with polymers (plastics), focusing on tapes and films. The impact of his research has helped 3M use less energy in the making of products and reduce emissions to the environment.

During his 37-year tenure at 3M, Jeff has developed innovative technologies for the graphics market, including decorative film and advertising for cars, trucks, buildings, and new products for consumers and the packaging market. He is active in the 3M Tech Forum, currently serving as the senior scientist representative to the Polymer and Laser Processing Chapters. Jeff holds 49 patents, with many more pending.

Passionate about cultivating the next generation of scientific leaders, Jeff is highly active in mentoring new 3M scientists, has sponsored a 4-H STEM project for inner-city youth, and has judged science fairs. 

Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.