Dr. Vasav Sahni

3M Advanced Research Specialist
Electronics, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Automotives
Vasav identifies disruptive ideas that lead to new adhesive technologies and products.

Meet Dr. Vasav Sahni. He is a natural-born leader who loves to build teams and products. Currently, Vasav and his team are developing electronic adhesives for next-generation display devices. If you think his role sounds interesting, you are not alone. In 2014, Vasav and his team were featured on Fortune’s "Coolest Jobs in the Fortune 500" list for an invention using biomimicry.

Outside of his full-time job, Vasav is involved in teaching and promoting STEM education to underprivileged students. Additionally, as an active part of Toastmasters International, he enjoys mentoring individuals to improve their communication and leadership skills. Vasav’s research gained the attention of the popular radio program Science Friday, where he participated in a quiz on the “Science of Superheroes.” He also delivered a TEDx talk titled “How I became Spider-Man."

Additionally, Vasav recently cofounded a non-profit organization – HD Solvera – with his 2018 3M Young Scientist Challenge mentee – Krish Wadhwani – that aims to develop innovative solutions to address neurodegenerative conditions.

Vasav holds a PhD in polymer science from the University of Akron where he worked on investigating and mimicking spider-spun adhesives. He also has a bachelor’s degree in textile technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.