August 2022

John - Importance of Research

Hello and welcome back, scientists! My name is John Lee and in this blog post, I’ll be discussing about research. Let’s get started!

Amritha- The Process of Researching

Hi everyone, Welcome back to my 4th blog post! Below, I've shared the video of me talking about the process of researching about the problem that you are planning to solve.

Daniel - Research

    HI guys, welcome back to my 4th blog.

Harini - Research Means Re-search!

Hey everyone! It's Harini again.  Doing research can be tedious, difficult, and sometimes downright painful!

Shanza - The Impact of Research

Hello, fellow scientists – this is Shanza Sami, from Iowa City, Iowa, and this is my fourth blog post on the process of research, organization, and the scientific process. 

Sahasra- Step by step qualitative research journey!

Hello again, everyone! Welcome to my 4th blog post, today I will be sharing about the research process and why its important and my experiences through it. In my personal opinion I believe that re

Leanne - Research is Key!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog post! This week i'm writing about the importance of research and how to overcome a problem that may occur during it! Gathering information isn’t easy!

Samaira - Most Important Step!

Research is the most crucial step behind any successful project! You need to thoroughly understand the topic you are working on to develop the best, most helpful solution.

Harini - Narrowing It Down 2.0!

I never knew that picking one idea out of three could be this hard! There were so many good reasons to attempt each one! But eventually, I started ruling them out.