Samaira - Just one problem!

Just one problem! Hardest. Task. Ever.

In today's blog post, I had to choose ONE problem to tackle, and after extensive research, I settled on Ovarian Cancer. Watch my video blog to see why, current work done in this field, and what I propose as an innovation.

So far, my 3M mentor, Stephanie, has been a beyond exceptional help. I meet with her weekly, and she always helps provide feedback on bettering my idea. She helps me brainstorm ways I can implement 3M products into my final design and is always there to answer any of my questions. Meeting with Stephanie motivates me to continue working on my project so I can update her on what’s new every week.

So far, I am really content with how everything is coming along. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my device as the weeks progress!

Logging off for this week,

Samaira :)