Shanza - Observations, Ideas, and Taking Action

Hello, fellow scientists - I’m Shanza Sami, and today we’re going to talk about the process of making observations, finding ideas, and taking action. 

Science is all about understanding the world around us, how it works, and ways to improve it. I observed some of the largest and most prevalent issues in everyday life and utilized my scientific knowledge to address the root of the problem. I remember creating a long list of issues throughout the world: air pollution, animal endangerment and extinction, eating disorders, lack of resources regarding early detection for life-threatening diseases, the deterioration of marine ecosystems, lack of certain energy sources and their availability, among a number of other issues. It was difficult to narrow down my list of potential issues to solve, because there are so many issues with the world that science has the potential to solve. I looked into the following criteria to decide which issue I wanted my innovation to address: An issue I have seen/experienced first-hand as motivation to pursue it, affecting a large magnitude of people, and no current research or product exploration on the market.

Eventually, I contracted pneumonia while visiting my parent’s hometown of Bihar, India at the age of 9. Upon being hospitalized, I felt, firsthand, how it was like to struggle to breathe, especially in places where there wasn’t accessible healthcare. I made it my mission to utilize the true power science holds to create an innovative solution to combat outdoor air pollution, to reduce the massive mortality and morbidity rates of people that struggle with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases due to ambient air pollution. My list of 3 areas of exploration was narrowed down to: air pollution, breast cancer, and cataracts. It was clear to me that the issue I chose would affect a large magnitude of people, as well as make the climate crisis we are in better, given that the remaining time before climate change is deemed irreversible is coming closer and closer. I was passionate about this topic, so the answer was clear to me: Air pollution.

I believe that 3M scientists focus on making solutions to everyday problems, improving the lives of everyone. Regardless of the magnitude of the issue, 3M utilizes their scientific experts to create innovative, sustainable solutions to problems in the world--leaving our world a better place. 

Thank you so much for listening to my blog on observations, ideas, and taking action. This is Shanza Sami, signing off from Iowa City, Iowa.