Leanne- Problems Require Solutions!

It’s great to see you again! In today’s blog I will cover how to pick problems  to solve, how to narrow them down, and what I believe is the motivation for 3M scientists to solve problems! 

To pick a problem, I paid close attention to the things that happened around me. From the  diseases I saw making someone’s life difficult, to people on the news striving to make their community better, even the many plastic bottles littered on the side of the road could be inspiration to make a difference. 

It wasn’t too difficult for me to pick three problems, as I chose the ones that I had the most experience with. The first problem I chose to consider was the degradation of the ecosystem. When we take road trips, I always see trees getting cut down or vegetation being killed just to build houses. Not only this, but in different parts of the world, large forests are getting cut down to build farms or gather fossil fuels. This process is detrimental to the ecosystem, causing many species to go extinct. 

The second problem I chose was fertilizer runoff causing harmful algae blooms in the bodies of water. In California, we can witness beautiful bioluminescent waves at night once a year. While this specific type of algae may not be very harmful, fertilizer runoff is clouding lakes and rivers with toxic algae blooms, killing off native species. These algae blooms also suck a vast majority of the oxygen out of the water, creating areas called “dead zones” where little life can be found. 

Finally, the last problem I chose was ear infections. This is something my family and I have had a lot of experience with. I was a very…expressive baby. So, when my ears started hurting because of an ear infection, apparently the whole neighborhood could hear my wails. With some more research, I found out that the main reason for a child to be brought to a doctor is an ear infection. 

I believe that an impact on someone’s life motivates 3M scientists to solve problems. The reason the problem is called a problem is because it is affecting something or someone negatively. The answer to that problem may not always be simple or easy to find, but it will always result in an improvement. This improvement is what motivates us. 


Looking forward to seeing you next time!