Samarth - The Time is Now! To Improve Lives

What did you learn about innovation along the way? Share the importance of collaboration to
successfully solving your problem.

 If you are facing it, there is a high chance that many other people in the world are facing it too. I learned that innovation is my chance to disrupt the status quo, not just for my family but for many others who face similar issues. If you observe, apply focused research, use scientific thinking and technology, take help and collaborate, you can innovate – the journey may be challenging, but it's super satisfying. I have bounced my ideas off many people, taken their inputs to improvise. Being a 3M YSC finalist, Dr.
Döne’s mentorship and help from other 3M experts she put me in touch with proved to be a game changer – discussing ideas, alternatives and solutions actually helped make this a holistic solution, a real prototype.
My sincere thank you to the 3M family-
My awesome mentor Dr. Döne Demirgöz, 3M Research Scientist, and My YSC Mentor,
Dr. Karthik Subramanian, Research Specialist
Cory Barum, 3M Machinist
Corina Guerra, Advanced Scientific Glassblower
Ronald Israelson, Senior Application Engineer
Carrie Peterson, Sr. Technical Manager
Dr. Gautam Singh– Computer Vision Research Specialist
Dr. Vaheed Mirjalili Research Scientist @3M
Dr. Nathaniel Anderson Sr. Research Engineer
Dr. Amy Barnes, Product Developer
Eric Nyaribo, Design Engineer
This team enabled me to dream big, explore, and believe in my innovation and that I can make an
impact through innovation.

What part would you like to do differently if given a chance? What does it feel like now to wait
until the final event?

If given a chance, I would like to accelerate my mobile app design and development. I have mixed feelings about the final event. On one hand, it is exciting, and I really can’t wait to show my work to the judges; on the other hand, it would also mean that this would be an end to the most exciting summer of my life so far.

How is your innovation improving lives for the future?
What started as a project to help my grand-aunt who has lost her eyesight turned out to be an eye-opening experience for me. Facts and figures around vision impairment were shocking. Lack of vision is a barrier to cooking, healthy eating, and one's independence, and it is my sincere attempt to make a difference by creating a solution to
facilitate the optimal cooking experience for people with visual impairment and anyone who would like to cook but may use some help such as busy parents, new chefs, and Senior citizens 

Thank you! Signing out from Marietta, GA