Viraj - African Grays are being plundered

This entire exercise began last year in the summer when due to the COVID 19 situation, we all were sitting confined inside our homes, my family and I decided to get a pet. My mother is very scared of dogs and allergic to cats, so after a lot of research we decided to get a bird, as they are extremely intelligent animals. When I started looking into which bird I could potentially have as a pet, I came about African Gray parrots, which are one of the most intelligent bird species out there. They can speak a vocabulary of around 1500 words! We all got excited and started looking around for African gray parrot breeders but were shocked to realize how many people tried to scam us with false advertising and cheating. Obviously, my parents didn’t fall for their lies but through this incident we found out that there is an organized crime behind these exotic birds as these birds are unfortunately not “breedable” so they are being hunted directly from the wild. Each bird is being sold for around $5000-10000 in the US and Europe and since these countries can afford these highly priced birds the African Gray bird has become endangered in the wild. I started digging deeper into the facts and was shocked at how under extremely cruel conditions, these birds are being captured by putting glue on tree branches and once the parrot sits on the branch they catch them and cut their wings, so that they can’t fly ever again and are stuffed in wooden boxes. Almost three quarters of the birds that are captured don’t survive. I also have a website talking in more detail about African Grays and some non profit organizations helping the parrots