Think Like a Scientist!

Scientific Method = Your Entry Roadmap

This year’s 3M Young Scientist Challenge asks a big question: How would you improve lives for the future? Thankfully, scientists throughout the centuries have proven that the scientific method is the best way to answer big questions! 

Let's get to work! Use our project template (found here!) to help guide you through the the scientific method. To get started, grab an 'Idea Notebook'. On every other page, write the following headers:

  1. Make Observations
  2. Identify the Problem
  3. Narrow Down Your Problem
  4. Brainstorm Solutions
  5. Focus on One Idea
  6. Elaborate on Your Idea
  7. Research
  8. Your Plan
  9. Conclusions
  10. Write Out a Script
  11. Submit your Video!

Next, decide where you are in the process and focus on just that step for a few days! Be sure not to rush: A scientist moves carefully through the scientific method, so thoroughly complete one step before you move on to the next!

Start Your Entry Today

For inspiration, be sure to review the 2021 entry topics and explore tricks and tips to help guide you through each step in the project template. Happy Innovating!