Amazing Scientific Innovation

Be Inspired this February

If you’re not sure how to begin your 3M Young Scientist Challenge entry, celebrate Black History Month by researching how Black inventors, engineers, and scientists have solved problems and improved our daily lives. Learning about the role that Black innovators have played in shaping today’s world is bound to inspire you!

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For example, did you know that… 

  • Gladys West used her expertise in mathematics to model the shape of the Earth and help develop GPS?
  • Or that Garrett Morgan improved the traffic light from a two-light system to a three-light system so motorists could have a warning before the light changed to red? 
  • Or how about that James E. West created the microphone that is now used to capture and transmit sound in most phones and cameras?

Each of these innovations have made our lives easier in ways that we likely now take for granted. So take a moment to think about other inventions that help you on a daily basis. Then review the 3M Young Scientist Challenge entry criteria and start brainstorming what YOU could do to solve an everyday problem and make the world a better place!

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