The 2021 3M Young Scientist Challenge is NOW OPEN 🎉

Turn a Good Idea into a Better Future in the 2021 3M Young Scientist Challenge!

The nation’s premier science competition is BACK! Ring in the new and better year with the 3M Young Scientist ChallengeThis one-of-a-kind video competition provides students in grades 5-8 with the perfect opportunity to channel their hope and anticipation for a better world in 2021 into meaningful – and super rewarding – action. All students need is ONE GOOD IDEA to become America’s Top Young Scientist, plus a 1-2 minute video explaining their original concept.

Register today for the chance to win a lifechanging prizes such as an one-on-one mentorship with a 3M Scientist! 

Discover inspiration for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge by checking out the Entry Topic categories, which each offer a unique STEM lens that students can use to envision a brighter future. 

Why should students enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge? They could become Kid of the Year! Learn more about the amazing accomplishments of previous 3M Young Scientist Challenge Winners & Finalists