Samvrit - So many problems to solve!

Hello fellow Young Scientists! Welcome to my second blog post. I have had a great time meeting and talking to my mentor, Dr. Kandyce Bohanon! She has been guiding me through the scientific process and is extremely helpful. I look forward to my summer mentorship with Dr. Bohanon.

Over the past year or two, I have come across many different articles from various sources, like TV, Newspapers, and social media outlets. I read about articles and the associated problems such as pollution, causes for mosquito borne diseases,  problems in telemedicine and the huge impact that they have on our lives. The problems I looked through were spread throughout the fields of science, ranging from environmental science to medical science. Many observations were made and documented. It was definitely tough to narrow down my choice to just three or four problems. Using criteria such as adoption, personal impact, global ramifications, adoption and feasibility helped in narrowing it down though I wanted to find a solution to all the problems that I had observed. 

One  of the criteria that played a significant role was feasibility. My solution needed to be feasible and achievable in the given span of time.  Another important criteria was the global impact.  I wanted to solve a problem that had a significant community & global effect. These criteria helped me narrow it down to the final two problems that I wanted to solve. My biggest inspiration was the personal impact that the problem had on me.  Through my  rigorous research and observations , I learned that millions of people, including me, suffer from pulmonary disease. Pulmonary disease affects 27 million people around the globe, and is one of the leading causes of death in the US. Pulmonary disease patients sometimes endure sleepless nights and difficulty breathing thus impacting their day to day lives and decreasing their quality of life. I felt that it was my responsibility to help millions of pulmonary disease patients and improve their overall well being.

I think that 3M scientists are able to solve problems through imaginative ideas, and thinking outside the box. They have a true love for the field of science, and the motivation to see what lies beyond the horizon fuels them to come up with new and innovative ideas. The 3M scientists are motivated to discover new scientific technologies, and are not worried about failure. They push themselves to keep trying, creating amazing technologies along the way.

Below is the link for my first video blog!

Until next time

-Samvrit Rao