Samhita: So Many Things To Do, So Little Time!

Hello, fellow scientists, experts, and engineers! Welcome to my blog, and today I will be discussing the process of selecting one problem over the summer. Let's slide on over to it!

Picking one problem over any other in our universe is exceptionally difficult. I was inspired by seeing ants and bees roaming around every day while walking outside of school. I decided, after a while, that I wanted to learn more about these specimens. After learning about swarm intelligence, or the collective behavior of self-organized systems, I was able to pinpoint the ideas I wanted to solve. The most significant factor in my decision was wanting to enhance standard living by choosing something that would tremendously impact our world but would suffice with the limited time I had. Therefore, I decided on Robotic Swarms: Intelligent Network of Robots Performing Cooperative Tasks, because I believed that it could make a substantial impact on our world, and help further to reduce the times of search/rescue operations. 

I noticed that with certain tweaks and adjustments to my robots' functionality, I could make them applicable in different fields, ranging from agriculture to search/rescue operations. After researching on each domain, I finally decided to implement my robots into construction.  I learned that out of 4779 fatalities in workers in 2018, about 1008 were in construction (in the US alone), primarily caused by falls, sharp objects, and electrocution. That one in every five workers! On top of that, there are over 150,000 injuries in construction per year in the US alone! The robots already existing in this field primarily consist of brick layering robots, which may not be adequate for the construction of larger projects. I believed that I could elaborate on this already existing process!

Working with my mentor, Dr. Döne Demigroz, has been excellent so far! She has helped me eliminate options for the problem I want to solve, and has been supporting me throughout this process; I can't thank her enough!

I am satisfied that I have come this far on my project, and I cannot wait to go further and make this a reality over the summer!

Overall, it has been an unimaginable experience so far, and I am super excited to continue this fantastic journey. Thank you, and till next time!

~ Samhita Pokkunuri