Laasya - Comets & Choices

Hello there again!

Welcome back to my third blog! I hope that everyone had a chance to check out Comet NEOWISE as I mentioned in my previous post!

Let’s dive right into today’s blog, which is going to be covering picking a single problem to focus on and develop a solution for. The process of narrowing down these problems is certainly challenging, but crucial in order for a scientist to be successful.

As a recap of my last blog, the various stages of my process included brainstorming, dividing these ideas into separate groups (specifically widespread diseases, detection time, and pests and insects), and then rating these topics based on factors such as resources, time, and interest.

I ended up picking combining these two topics into a single; widespread diseases and detection, considering that they were so closely correlated and were rated fairly high when it came to interest.

One of the biggest factors in my decision was time. It was crucial that I be able to complete my innovation by the time the Final Event came around. While it was a bit of a time crunch, I knew I could be able to add on to my project in an extensive manner. However, I still needed to focus on my interest and passion in the topics and problems I chose. Once I chose an idea I was passionate about, it would lead me to innovate better solutions.

Being able to work with a real 3M scientist has been an exciting opportunity! I have been able to learn more about working in the field of science and various 3M products. I am able to see firsthand how a scientist works in their field.

I am very proud about what I have accomplished up to this point. I have been working with my mentor, Dr. Tesha, to better advance my innovation. Simply having been chosen as a 3M Discovery Education Young Scientist has been an honor that I am very proud of. But being able to add on to my current invention with the help of a real 3M scientist, which will be able to help millions of people around the world, is something I have only dreamed of, until now!

Au Revoir,