Samyak - Diving Deeper Into My Idea!

Hi all, 

Welcome back to my fourth blog post, I am Samyak Shrimali from Portland, Oregon. This week my young scientist journey led me into researching my chosen problem of nosocomial infections. Since this is the same problem I proposed a solution to in my entry video, I already had a lot of my research is finished. But, I wanted to expand my knowledge about this topic and various other topics related to this one, so I spent my time this week towards extra research. I spent numerous hours reading about nosocomial infections and various sensors that I could incorporate into my system to solve this major problem.

The hardest part of gathering this information was to choose reliable sources. On the web, there are many unreliable sources providing wrong information. It took extra time to find reliable sources, that were of my use. I think researching is the most important part of any science experiment or project. Without researching, no problem is solvable. Research is the first stepping stone of trying to solve any problem. Before a scientist can get started, they first need to have knowledge about the extent of the problem, background on what causes the problem, and information on existing innovations. I incorporated this into my project, first I researched the extent of the problem of nosocomial infections. Nosocomial infections result in about 90,000 deaths a year, just in the United States alone! Next, I researched the cause of the problem, inadequate hygiene in hospitals is one of the most significant causes of nosocomial infections. Lastly, I researched about how nosocomial infections are being dealt with right now. To my surprise, I found out that research is still being done upon nosocomial infections and many companies + scientists are trying to innovate ideas to solve this problem. 

I think one of the biggest factors leading to good research is staying organized. Organization improves the quality of the notes you take and also helps your ideas stay more detailed. One of the most important reasons scientists are able to innovate extraordinary solutions to major problems is because of proper organization.

My next step after researching is to completely finalize what I am planning to innovate and express my ideas to my mentor, Dr. Ali. 

Thanks for reading blog 4, stay tuned for upcoming blogs!

“Stay hungry, stay foolish” - Steve Jobs