Faraz - The Importance of Research

It may be possible to solve a problem without researching, but It is like driving a car blindfolded. Without proper research, you may make decisions that later on turn out to be PROBLEMATIC. Research tells you, what products already exist in the market. It tells you about the mistakes made in the past so that you don’t repeat them. It helps to understand the problem being solved.

It is important for scientists to be organized because it helps them to keep track of their work more efficiently and quickly without missing any details. It helps them to come up with innovative ideas and build on top of existing ideas. Most importantly being organized gives satisfaction. 

Before you get started, you need to know about the problem being solved, and the specific audience that your solution is going to help. You need to research how they struggle with this problem. You need to know the required software, hardware, and any extra materials. If it is a medical device, then you may need to get information about required approvals, to make sure your product isn’t violating any laws.

The hardest part about gathering information is finding the information that is important, authentic, and trustworthy and that will help solve your problem. Some information has to be legal and copyright-free, for e.g. When I had to translate voice to sign language, I was looking for images. It was hard to find images with the correct gestures mapped to the voice and were also copyright free.

The research and gathering information helped me understand the problems deaf and aphonic people face. It helped me to find out products similar to mine, find parts useful for my device and made sure that I am not solving a problem that is already solved.