Tip Tuesday: Entry Video Tricks and Tips

Tips For Creating Your Video! 

Filming your submission doesn't have to be hard or complicated...A smart phone video will do the trick! Your entry will not be judge on whether or not it looks like a professional production. We want to make sure that we can see and hear your story! It is important to clearly express what inspired your innovation and how your scientific advancement will positively impact the world around us!

Once you have your story down... its time to film! Here are some tips to get you started:
  • Do a couple test runs! Experiment with the lighting and different backgrounds.  
  • Recording is easy. Find someone with a steady hand to help you film or prop your camera in a safe location and press record yourself! 
  • Use your phone or camera's "edit" feature. You can easily edit the video to cut out parts from the beginning and end of your clip that you don't want to submit.

For a few video tips that go beyond these basics, check out what 2018 Young Scientist Challenge Finalist Sriram has to say. Then see if you can shoot a few practice videos with these tips in mind! 

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