Leo - Thinking like a scientist! (or engineer!)

Hello again fellow scientists!  I am always making observations about the world around me. I love to know how things work, and I have been taking toys apart and building robots since I was very young. My curiosity often leads me to look at problems with a scientist’s point of view. Because of this, I was able to identify problems that I observe in my community and on the news and it was not that hard to develop a list of my top three problems that I’d like to help to solve with science and engineering. 


My top three included the bleaching of coral reefs due to global warming, forest fires, and deer running across roads and causing accidents. These problems were a priority to me because I love nature and I feel my strengths in science lie in engineering. I feel that all of the problems can have engineering-based solutions and all of them involve helping our environment.


I think 3M scientists are definitely motivated to solve problems because they also want to help the environment. When I got my prize package of 3M products, I saw that many of them were made out of recycled materials. I also think they are motivated by helping people, and simply to make life easier. 3M makes all sorts of products that can be used for many situations and can help people with a wide variety of tasks. Just imagine trying to wrap a birthday gift without Scotch Tape! There are very many problems in the world, and 3M scientists are definitely trying to solve a good chunk of them.


I recently met my 3M mentor, Sam Reiss! He is a nuclear engineer and Senior Product Development Engineer at 3M.  Sam has already given me many great ideas for my summer project.  I can’t wait to work more with him over the next several weeks and tell you all about it!


Signing off for now…