Julia - Narrowing Down the Problems

Hi there!

In my second week of my summer mentorship, I've been making observations about problems.  I first had to think of eight problems that I commonly see on the news or that affect my family and then I had to think about why these problems were problems.  For example, a problem is that lots of people break their phone screens, but the reason that's a problem is because phone screens aren't durable enough to not crack easily when dropped.  When I started to narrow down my list of problems to three and then eventually one I thought a lot about what problems could be solved best by science and about which ones I felt the most passionate about.  Overall, I found it pretty easy to narrow down my eight problems to three and then to one, but sometimes I thought too hard about which one(s) I should pick.  I think that finding the right problem for you to solve is very important because when you are very passionate about your problem, you will work much harder to think of a solution to it.  For example, 3M scientists find problems that they feel passionately about fixing to help improve the lives of the global population.

Thanks for reading my second blog post.

Hope to see you again soon!