Cameron - Choices and More Choices

Hello, again. I started this step of the project by jotting down a large number of candidate topics. Next, I narrowed the list to eight by elimination and then selected the three topics based on other criteria. But let us take a step back.

The process started with making observations about problems happening in the everyday life. There are so many problems with so many possible solutions. To reduce the scope, I decided to pick just the topics in medical sciences. Still there were many choices. That was both good and bad. It was good because so much is still left to be discovered in healthcare. On the flip side, having so many choices made it hard to pick just eight.

I utilized a decision matrix to make an educated choice. The benefit to humanity and the limit of my capabilities were some of the top criteria in the matrix. I wanted to pick a topic that would make a difference while being aware that it is not too far beyond my level of expertise.

I thoroughly researched my list of eight topics. Discarding five of those was again tough. At this stage, the resources needed for each of the projects, especially time, became the key criteria in the decision matrix. Only one month is left in the summer break. I am joining the Center for Medical Sciences at Godwin High School this fall. Only 50 students are selected from the entire county for this highly sought-after program. I expect a busy academic year in the classroom and working with doctors.

I have greatly benefited from my 3M mentor, Dr. Mahfuza Ali. She helped me through this process. I think that there are many things that motivate 3M scientists, like Dr. Ali, to solve problems. Making the world a better place is one of those. Science and scientists have given us so many monumental things for solving relevant problems (like medicines treating illnesses) and helping us understand our world better (like the discovery of atoms). Another thing that motivates scientists is the chance to explore something new. It is exciting to make a new discovery or invent a new product.

Cameron Sharma