Rishab - Make Your Dreams a Reality

Hello fellow scientists, and explorers of the future!

My name is Rishab Jain and I live in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be heading into 8th grade in the upcoming school year. In my free time, I enjoy Rubik’s speedcubing, cross country running, and scouting.

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed programming. I can remember creating my first program - a bee that makes buzzing sounds and flies around. Since then, I have always enjoyed programming projects; from originally drag-and-drop coding blocks then to deep learning algorithms now. I’m thrilled to be a Young Scientist Finalist and can’t wait to see my dreams and ideas turn into a reality.

One day, I was browsing the online news and found a headline about the Young Scientist Challenge. After a bit of looking in to, I found the challenge really interesting because it incorporated STEM with a video entry. I was inspired by how Young Scientists were making a difference in the lives of people.

I found it quite hard to fit all my research and project information in a two-minute video. After a lot of work, my video was complete. Every morning my father sends me a quote or motivational story to get my day going. The day I submitted my video, the quote was: “One day or day one. You decide” — Paul Coelho. Later that day, I submitted my entry.

I kept thinking about the challenge now-and-then and I was always looking to see how I could improve my invention. One day in June, I remember reminding myself about the challenge and how the results would be coming soon. Surprisingly enough, the following afternoon, I got a phone call telling me the news. I was very excited and grateful for the amazing opportunity. I knew that I had only just begun my science and engineering journey and that with persistence and experimentation, I could achieve my goals.

If I were to win the grand prize of $25,000 and become “America’s Top Young Scientist”, I would divide it up and use a majority of it to continue exploring my project, create a club at my school to inspire others to use STEM in their lives and lastly, save some for later—maybe for college expenses.

My loving parents and older brother have always done their best to teach me to become the best version of myself. I know that they are proud of me and are very excited.

Remember to work hard and your dreams may even become a reality.

Signing out,