Mehaa- Selecting a Topic: continue my project, or to start something new?

I have decided to continue the same topic of research that I submitted in my video entry and Dr. Hansen is helping me create a structure to my research. We want to save the world, but we have to choose a topic we are passionate about, and that is water conservation. 

How am I going to explain my thought process and issues that I have in my project to Dr. Hansen?  In my first meeting she asked me how I was planning to communicate my progress, my immediate response was explaining the solution to the problem right away. She asked me to create a technical summary to help her understand my project but the term was very new for me. I found out that it is the most common phrase scientists use for a simplified technical report on any topic.  I am excited to figure out the way my mentor, Dr. Hansen, is preparing me to think and communicate in a systematic way. So my first task for my summer mentorship is to create a technical summary of everything that I have done so far. 

My endpoint is a prototype of my invention and we are trying to work towards that. Among 25,000 products that consumers use, there are a few that will help me construct the prototype of my idea. Dr. Hansen and I decided to continue my research on developing a toilet flushing system that uses both recycled water and fresh water.  I mentioned to her about the materials that I need from 3M and she is already ready to ship them to me next week! What more can I expect?  

In this amazing journey to solve an important problem of the world, this is just the beginning.   

Please be sure to look out for my other blog posts so that you can join me on this amazing experience.