Julia - Entering the Competition

Hi There!

In my first week of the Young Scientist Challenge summer mentorship, I've been planning out my summer and seeing what I need to do and when it must be done in anticipation of the final event this October.  This competition has been super-fun and I really like working with Dr. Asgari, a real scientist from 3M.  I entered this contest because I love science and a few months before I even found out about it, I had come up with an idea that I was passionate about.  My idea was to fill the hole in your gum that you get after you have a tooth pulled by putting a gel into the hole.  I came up with it after having to get my four baby molars pulled.  Ouch!  Making my entry video was fun, but very challenging.  I had to do a lot of research and cut out lots of words to make sure the video was informative, but under two minutes.  Once I submitted the video I felt very relieved but waiting to find out I was a finalist was very nerve-racking.  When I found out I was a finalist I was ecstatic and super-excited, and so were my family and friends.  If I win I plan to make my product sellable and to continue working on problems to help the world.

Thanks for reading my first blog post.

See you soon!