Anna - Smart Infrared Based ROV to Identify Microplastics from Marine Environments

Hi, I’m Anna, and I love environmental engineering. My project is about saving the world from plastic pollution. I’m interested in developing engineering solution to solve real-world problems that can affect the lives of marine flora and fauna, as well as humans throughout the world -- and I love science and engineering!


I have always wanted to be a female engineer that solves world problems, which I know isn’t common. I’m not just talking about the problems that only affect our backyards or even our local communities! What I’m talking about, are problems that affect the entire world for good. I have always wanted to use science and engineering to be able to solve these kinds of problems.


Nowadays, many people advance technology for the purpose of entertainment or warfare. However, what I want to do is to use my knowledge and advancement of technology for helping the world.


Many people have mentioned to me that it isn’t normal for a girl to want to be an engineer and that I should do something else. But I want to break the mold of what other people think I should be, and do something that I want to do. Finding out about the Young Scientist Challenge was very exciting for me, as I saw this as the perfect opportunity to be able to make something that could potentially help the world.


I am honored to win an award from a contest sponsored by 3M and Discovery Education, as I have been inspired to work in science because of them. Not only that, but I think that 3M has shown some amazing corporate responsibility in being a leader in helping kids like me with STEM education, and also to prevent pollution through their environmental fund that 3M sponsors. Not only that, but I also really appreciate being able to turn on the TV every day, and watch Discovery Education and learn all about the ocean, as there are many good videos on it.