Laalitya - Finalizing Ideas!

Hello scientists!

This week, I have been finalizing my solution to the final problem that I chose, solving the energy crisis! Its been difficult trying to figure out what would be the best solution to my problem, and I’ve made multiple sketches, and notes to help me decide on something. It has taken a lot of self control to not crumple up all the sketches that weren’t totally perfect. As I mentioned in my earlier blog - when you are brainstorming, everything, everything has to be kept as you never know when an idea, of improving a sketch that you thought wouldn’t work, will hit.

The criteria that I had for picking my solution was really small, but very important. My innovation has to generate enough energy. In my design, very little electricity should be lost and the generation amount has to be high. This is essential because if I want my project to succeed in the real world then it has to generate enough power! When I look at all of my designs, I see a few that definitely stand out to me more to me than the others, but I’m not letting go of any of them yet!

Overall,  my 3M mentor, Dr. Ali has been very helpful. He has been a great person to bounce ideas off and to discuss my thoughts. Sometimes I also had questions on if 3M has a certain material or product off the shelves, something that I can’t find but maybe Dr. Ali could help find. It has been very fun and interesting to work with a real innovator! Working with Dr. Ali has also helped me realize how far I have already come! My invention is not done yet, but I am following the long road to the final prototype and am making a lot of progress each and every week!

See you next week!

Laalitya Acharya