Gitanjali - Digging deep into the problem

Hello Fellow Scientists,

Time flies and it is already time to move to my new home and start a new school. I have been to all sort of camps this month from space camp to a rock band camp and every time I drink water from the fountains, all I could think was the lead levels in the water. As if this was not enough, every day I come back home, my four year old brother brings me a glass of water and orders me to find out if there is lead in the water. 

I explained the process of narrowing down the problem in this video after my different observations. 

My next step is to continuously validate my problem by researching further. With my mentor’s guidance, I have started to categorize and divide the research into manageable components. I have had to reevaluate almost weekly when I find something new , but that won’t stop me. Keeping an open and flexible mind to the research process seems to be the key to success. 

Until Next time,