Anika - Science Is All Around Us!

Hello everyone!

The past couple of weeks have been very enlightening as I begin my scientific journey.

Looking at the world around us in a new light, identifying problems we face, and evaluating potential solutions, much like scientists do, has been exhilarating for me. Science is all around us, and I believe that often you can find inspiration for solving problems by observing our environment itself.

After much deliberation, I crafted a list of issues that I felt strongly about. Though there are a myriad of problems that the world faces today, my interests lie in water quality, air pollution, and rising water temperatures.

I have long been interested in finding solutions to water quality issues, particularly after one specific incident on a visit to India. During the monsoon, an elderly man was eagerly wiping water from our car window and drinking it. It struck me that this was the only clean water he had access to! This influenced me deeply as I realized that there was a lack of basic sanitation and safe drinking water in certain areas.

I felt that this problem was too important to be ignored. That’s how the seeds of my desire to find solutions to the world’s water quality were planted! I have been exploring natural, environmentally responsible ways to purify water ever since.

During the process of exploring my project ideas with my mentor Dr. Döne Demirgöz, I had the opportunity to speak to a few other scientists working in different areas of research at 3M. I was completely amazed with the deep knowledge and passion of the 3M scientists, and the helpful and collaborative way everyone worked together. I believe that in order to tackle large issues, it is important to share ideas and expertise. I think that 3M scientists are motivated to discover new sciences and technologies the same way students do, by observing problems around us!

Things are starting to look really exciting! I hope you will join me in my next blog post.

- Anika