Greetings fellow science enthusiasts! I’ve been progressing along my journey, and my prototype is under construction!

Deciding on how to design a prototype for my innovation of a parallel algorithm that finds mutations linked to drug responses was a challenge, but my mentor and I figured out a solution! With the help of my mentor Mr. John Henderson, I created a friendly graphical user interface that allows doctors to access genomes, find mutations, and link them to drug responses.

Having a summer mentorship with a 3M scientist has been an incredible experience and I am extremely grateful to Discovery Education and 3M for the opportunity. Working together with John Henderson helped broaden my understanding of the scientific process, giving me life-changing skills in solving problems.

Access to a 3M scientist has not only helped me broaden my personal knowledge, but it has also helped me advance my project. My mentor helped me develop my project from a theoretical idea into a functioning invention that will help solve the problem of variable responses to prescription medication. Together, we ran my parallel algorithm on the 3M supercomputer to simulate how doctors in hospitals with similar facilities could use my innovation!

I greatly appreciate John’s attention to detail and sense of humor as we have worked together, and I look forward to hearing his suggestions during our weekly conversations. Whenever I tested my innovation, my mentor provided brilliant ideas on how to improve it, and helped me express my improvements through a prototype.

I am extremely excited to see my project come together as an invention with the potential to save lives, and am even more excited to apply the new skills I have learned throughout my journey!