Mrinali Kesavadas - Coming to Fruition

Hello fellow scientists,

As my summer of new innovation is coming to a close, I think what I liked the most was learning how to overcome scientific challenges in a short period of time. This experience was greatly enhanced by my interactions with my mentor. When I first started thinking of the innovation challenge, my first thought was that there is no way I can come up with a new invention in just three months. But as I started discussing some ideas with my mentor, he completely supported and encouraged me to go ahead with this new invention.

I used my summer holidays to conduct research and build the prototype for my final project. Not everything worked as planned in the beginning. I quickly realized that one of the sensors I was using was very difficult to integrate - even though initially it seemed like a simple process. As I was trying to solve this problem, I got introduced to engineering principles and numerical techniques.

At every stage, my mentor and I discussed scientific merits and technical details of the implementation. I got a sense of how a scientist would address a problem and find a solution. My mentor also sent me an appropriate product from the 3M laboratory to meet my design requirements. This item has turned out to be an essential part of my prototype. Last weekend when I tested my prototype, I was quite pleased to see that the 3M product did what I only had envisioned before.

Till my next and last video blog,

Over and out,