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Shanza - Peaks and Valleys

Hello fellow scientists, I am Shanza Sami from Iowa City, Iowa. Today, we’ll be talking about the peaks and valleys of the scientific process as well as my experience with the summer mentorship program. 

Sahasra - My Memorable 3M Mentorship!!!

Hello everyone,  Welcome to my 5th blog post, I'm so excited to be sharing about my 3M mentorship, progress and challenges!   3M Tool:   This has been so memorable for

Daniel - 3M Mentorship

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to talk about the best part of the process, the mentorship program, and having a 3M mentor. Let’s go over some frequently asked questions.

Leanne- Best Mentor Ever!

Hello, I’m Leanne Fan and welcome to my last blog post!

Harini - It's Almost Over?!

How is the summer almost over?! Reflecting on my experience as a 2022 Finalist in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge!!

Samaira - Almost Over!

It's crazy to think this is the second to last blog post before this summer mentorship is over! Listen to how working with a mentor has affected me throughout this process.

John - My Summer Mentorship Journey

Hello and welcome to my 5th blog post! My name is John Lee and in today, I'll be sharing my summer mentorship experiences with you.

John - Importance of Research

Hello and welcome back, scientists! My name is John Lee and in this blog post, I’ll be discussing about research. Let’s get started!