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Aadrit - At the Finishing Line

Hello Young Scientists, and welcome to my final blog for this amazing summer adventure.  Today, I will talk with you guys about the importance of improvement through iterations in the scientific

Samarth - Final Stretch

  What progress have you made on your project?   It is all coming together finally! I am very excited.

Abhinav - Standing on Shoulders of Giants

Hello Fellow scientists, In this week’s blog post, I am going to be covering a few topics.   Progress Made: I researched and understood: The process of collection, testing, separation, preserva

Moitri - Progress Through Mentorship

Hi there, fellow STEMists!   I hope you all are doing well. I cannot believe that the final event is so close! This journey alongside my mentor has been an amazing experience.

Sydney - My Summer Research with a 3M Product

Hello Everyone!       Thank you so much for visiting my blog! In this video, I will show you my summer research experience with a 3M product and how my 3M mentor, Dr.

Danielle - The Finish Line in Sight!

Hello fellow STEM enthusiasts! Wow - what a summer of science!  Now that school has begun again, I'm sure we are all multi-tasking even more heavily than ever, but now I'm happy to report the fi

Viraj - Progress with my project

Over the summer and under the mentorship of 3M, my project is getting much more refined and better.